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My Story

What inspired my passion around multi-generational living, or in my case, three-generation living?  I was first introduced to the concept when I lived in Japan with a host family.  Four generations lived together including the great grandmother, who was taken care of by the grandmother and grandfather, who in turn were cared for by the mother and father. Everyone took care of the young boys, and nobody was lonely. This traditional living arrangement would need to be tweaked to work for me, but I knew this is how I wanted to live. It was an idea my husband and I hashed out even before we were married.  After 16 years now of three-generation living, we feel like we have perfected the arrangement. With the idea of bringing extended families together in a mutually beneficial way, we are so excited to be sharing “how-to’s” on making three-generation living work!


Photo Left:  My Japanese Host Mom and me in Nagoya, Japan 1995

Photo Right;  My 76 year old Mom and me in Croatia 2016