Is Multi-Generational Living for Everyone?

You love your extended family. But do you like them? Love can often be considered an obligation, but like is another story. It’s a good, simple starting point when deciding whether multi-generational living is right for your family. Living in close proximity to their adult children or grandchildren is not every grandparent’s idea of a comfortable future. The same applies for adult children with parents or in-law with whom they do not get along. But let’s say you check these boxes: You like each other and enjoy spending time together. Is that enough?

I have created a simple checklist to determine if multi-generational living could be right for your family. Ideally, if the conversation starts early enough, and coming together is a choice, rather than out of need, all of the below boxes should be checked:

[] Your family can communicate openly and comfortably on more difficult subjects without hard feelings. Finances, maintenance, chores, succession planning – more on these later

[] Everyone considers each other as equals and respect is a way of life in your family

[] Everyone tends to be “givers” and do not keep track such that anyone feels they are owed

[] Everyone is able to contribute to the household in some way

[] No family is financially dependent on the other, except in cases where one party may choose to support another (eg. parents supporting an adult child with a disability)

[] There are no underlying issues that the families cannot support together (addiction, abuse, lack of motivation, anger management, etc)

[] Everyone is acting from the heart and believes that working together will create a better life for everyone.

Is there anything in my short checklist that you feel is key that I have missed? I would love your insight, especially if you are currently living in a multi-generational household! (please follow the link to my instagram to comment if you don't want to login - sorry, Wix forces you to login if you want to comment).

If everyone is inspired for the right reasons, three or more generations living together can be amazing and beautiful, and can allow families to not only plan for their financial future, but also, their emotional future.

Next time I want I want to delve in to WHEN is the right time to open the conversation around future living arrangements. Stay tuned!

Contact me to view multi-generational homes in North Vancouver that can accommodate your whole family, while still maintaining privacy and independence. Or follow me on Instagram where we share ideas on making multi-generational living work.

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