Three-Generation Living for Life

When I was 12 years old, my parents divorced and sold our beloved house that my architect Dad had designed and built (with much help from my mother). Determined to get my house back, I returned every few years to remind the new owners of my plan, and 17 years later they called to say they had raised their family and were ready to sell! My husband and I had been looking for a three generation home to allow us to bring my Mom closer to our family and a bigger part of our lives, but still with privacy and independence. The house wasn’t designed for a three generation family, so it wasn’t perfect, but we still went for it!  That was 16 years ago.  It is an amazing and mutually gratifying way to live - supporting your parents as they age, and being supported in so many ways while they are still young. We’ve been talking about this living style - Three Generation Living - for years and finally our concept is coming to fruition this summer as we complete our first three generation homes!  Follow us as we embark on the unveiling and inspirations behind the concept! Instagram @onestoneliving  #onestoneliving #caringforouragingpopulation #grandparents #multigenerationalliving #northvancouver #northvancouverhomes #northvancouverlife

Our Three-Generation Home in North Vancouver


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