Official Top 10 Benefits of Three-Generation Living in My Family

1. Raising children who are surrounded by the love, security and support of a grandparent

2. Enjoying the benefits of a grandparent who serve as an active role model

3. Raising children who learn to care for and connect with older adults

4. Offering companionship to an (aging) mother who may otherwise be on her own

5. Sharing household expenses (property tax, home repairs and maintenance)

6. Sharing household chores (shopping, cooking, childcare, laundry)

7. Sharing babysitting and the care of household pets when we are away or working

8. Confidence that our home design is flexible and can evolve as our family evolves

9. Peace of mind knowing that no one in the family is living alone or lonely

10. Having the most beautiful garden on the street without having to do all the work!

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