Our Multi-Generational Home

I often speak of multi-generational home designs that provide privacy, accessibility, flexibility and equality. What does “equality” mean when we talk about multi-generational living? When we were first looking for a three-generation home with my Mom, it was important for us to find a house that had both a nice main house and a nice separate full living area for my Mom. We were not considering a basement suite as my Mom was not selling her townhouse to join us in a basement. A renovation is one way to achieve this, or a house that is specifically built to accommodate three generations with an equal standard. That’s what we’re building and the inspiration and ideas come from our 16 years of living together, separately. The photos shown are of our current house we share with my Mom where we have lived since 2003. The first 2 photos are my living room and the 3rd and 4th photos are my Mom’s living room. The last two photos are our shared dining room because who entertains in a formal dining area every night? Space, beauty and light for everyone.

Contact us through Instagram @onestoneliving to view our multi-generational home designed with beautiful living spaces for everyone in your family.


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