Our Three-Generation Matriarch

The first generation in our Three-Generation Living is my Mother, Donna. She is 76 years old and more fit than me! She works in the garden almost everyday from April -October. It keeps her fit and limber and her mind strong. As I have said, I don’t like gardening but I reap the benefits of her hard work. We have been in the North Shore Art in the Garden a few years, including last year where over 600 people walked through the garden - the most of all the gardens in the show. My Mom goes to the gym 3 times a week, hikes up Grouse Mountain once a week (from our house) and walks our dog usually twice a day. We are so lucky she is so young and healthy and such a pillar in our lives. One day my Mom will be less capable, but today she doesn’t need to worry about what her future might look like. Her wishes are known and it is part of our three-generation living plan. What’s your family’s plan?

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