"Unofficial" Top 10 Benefits of Three-Generational Living in my Family

Yesterday I posted the “official” Top 10 Benefits of Three-Generational living. Today is the “unofficial” but daily reasons we believe in it:

1. Being able to sit down and have a coffee with a friend (aka Mom) after kids are gone to school and husband has gone to work, before I need to run out the door!

2. Sharing clothes. You can buy more expensive clothes if you will both be wearing them!

3. Having someone to rock your crying baby when you really need a nap (back when they were babies!)

4. Coming home to a lovely prepared dinner.

5. Having a fashion consultant on hand to approve my outfit before I go out (only when I ask, of course!)

6. Having someone, who I strive to be as fit as, pressuring me to come hiking with her!

7. A second fridge at my Mom’s that HAS eggs or milk when I’m all out!

8. On hand pet care by someone who really loves my furry babies

9. A coordinator of home maintenance tasks so carpets and couches gets cleaned, bush gets trimmed, high windows get washed, etc.! Would I ever find time to make these happen? Don’t worry- Grandma’s on it!

10. And of course the most beautiful garden without all the hard work.

11. This one is important enough to be #11: The endless, unselfish, enduring love of a mother surrounding us everyday. ❤️

I wonder what my Mom might write....

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