When is the Right Time to Start Discussions on Future Living Arrangement and Care of Our Parents?

Opening the conversation early gives everyone the time to comfortably consider all options and implications. Don’t wait until it is out of need, rather than choice, to start talking. One of the key determinants of successful multi-generational living is having the setup in place while everyone can still contribute to the household. Everyone needs to feel needed, and wanted, and the care and support grandparents may be able to offer early on might be considered an investment in their future.

Try to open discussions when:

Everyone is still able to make their future wishes known

Everyone is still able to participate in the dispersal of their personal items to downsize

Everyone can still communicate their home preferences (walking distance to transit, with a garage, near a good school, private, south facing, garden)

Everyone can still participate in and contribute to the betterment of the household

Grandparents are <70 years old (apparently after that our health can rapidly decrease)

There is not a dire need to make a change

No accident or medical reasons has deemed it necessary to change the current living arrangements

No one party is dependent on the other

Whether you are considering multi-generational living or not, open the conversation with your family early so you know the wishes of everyone, and the options that exist for future living arrangements and care.

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