Why Choose Multi-Generational Living?

Three generations living together can be the solution to a multitude of today issues including managing the dramatic increase in life expectancy and the cost of elder care, the need and cost for childcare, the lack of affordable housing, and the disconnectedness of our youth. None of these reasons are what brought our family together though. For me it was simply about my Mom being alone some day and lonely. The idea just didn’t sit well with me and brought me back to my teenage years when my parents divorced and I had to visit my Dad. How awful I felt seeing him one a week and living with the guilt that brought. As an adult, the thought of once again making weekly visits to someone who had spent her life caring for me was a road I wasn’t willing to travel again. That is one of my reasons, but there are so many more reasons people choose three-generation living. Take the time to think about yours.

Family Photo Hawaii 1978

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